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There is mainly two ways you can pay for the orders in Christian Louboutin Shoes Boutique.

1.Paypal: we accept popular paypal payment now, if you have problems with paypal, you can contact us

cservice-04@outlook.com to get more information about order status when you use paypal payment when you place order.

2.Credit Cards: We accept Visa Master Card,AE card.

contact us by mailbox@customerservicebest.com if you pay by credit card.

Is it safe to pay via credit card?

Credit card is a quick online payment method, you can pay by Visa Master AE Credit card. Every country is welcome. But we accept visa credit card in the main country (USA, Canada, UK, France, Itlay, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Norway) We are just a credit card customer, your money is sent to our account in credit card company. And we have no right to know any information about your card information.

Why it shows payment declined when I pay via credit card?

Some possible reasons:

1) You have entered the wrong information.
2) Your credit card does not support on-line shopping.
3) The money in your card is not enough.
4) You have bad payment records and don't pass the Fashionpay filtration system (not payment by a deception, etc.)
5) Your payment amount surpass the top limit dollars per payment.

If met these problems, please contact our customer services. Thanks.

Western Union
When you plan to pay by western union, please contact our customer service at first and make the order in our website, we will send you confirmed your order. After conf irm, if the order and shipping address is ok. We will email you the detail of our Western Union. You make the payment online in the western union website or go to bank at that time. After pay, please email us the MTCN number at Email Us  clcenteronline@foxmail.com (Cindy).

After we get the payment, we will arrage ship at the first time.

Western union ,Moneygram account (email us clcenteronline@foxmail.com to get full account)
 (you can learn from www.westernunion.com and www.moneygram.com to see how to set up account and send online by your credit card easy)
first name:**
last name:**
address:605.25# building. xiamen area
zip code:350012
tel:86 13615989788

Bank Transfer/Paypal Service (email us to get full account)
You can send money through Xoom.com(pay using your bank account, debit card, or credit card/paypal)
Xoom.com is now a member of the PayPal family. We offer you fast, easy, and secure ways to send money, reload phones, and pay bills for family and friends around the world. And now we're part of PayPal, the global leader in digital payments
Send money abroad with Xoom, a PayPal service
How to send money through Xoom.com?
1. open www.xoom.com 
2. choose send money to"China" , and put amount, then continue
choose bank "Bank of China"
first name:**
last name:**
account : **
3.put your rest information and pay using your bank account, debit card, or credit card or paypal.
4.send your transfer result to us clcenteronline@foxmail.com (Cindy).after you send.